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Photo Credit: Dan Feshche

Photo Credit: Dan Feshche

If you want to get noticed, introduce yourself and tell me an interesting fact; It will grab my attention and I'm likely to reply! If you have feedback feel free to tell me here. Thank you!

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Look through your photos and find ones you are most proud. Upload your TOP 3 photos and it MUST include a story about how you captured the photo. Now stop reading and get... you know what to do. 

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Artist promotion

Artist Promotions are for publicity, to show your work to 360,000 others, or to increase your following. If interested, contact me and I will get back with you shortly. 

Photo Credit: Derrick Freske

Photo Credit: Derrick Freske

Striving for Immediate Attention?

Go take a photograph! Get outside and show me what you've got. Then come back and submit your photo so I can view it!


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