Kyle C Mckenzie

 Photo Credit: Kyle Mckenzie

Photo Credit: Kyle Mckenzie

When I say this man has traveled the world, I ain't kidding. Here is a video of his trip to Jamaica recently with his friends. Included below..

He says- "This trip was absolutely perfect. I have never really said that about a lot of trips but I finally had the chance to see the real Jamaica. And that's what traveling should be all about, discovering new people, places, and cultures." 

If you want to see more of his work, you can click here to view his youtube.

To this I say HELL YEAH!! I love it when photographers go out to new places and take amazing work. I also asked Kyle if he would hook me up with his favorite tracks to include on here. If you like the music that you heard in this video, you'll sure like some of these sick tracks.