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Bleachfilm. Keeping your world in focus. 

What started as an idea in 2013 has blossomed into a go-to name in the world of photographic gear and presets. Bleachfilm was formed to help aspiring young photographers achieve their goals. While talent is the key to success, no photographer can craft stellar images without professional equipment, engineered to simplify and streamline your dream. 

 No default “came with the camera” equipment can compete with our superior alternatives, including The Ultimate DSLR Camera Strap. What’s more, our stunning presets will give you everything you need to edit your work like a pro, competing with the industry’s most influential photographers. 

Our goal is to help you grow your empire in every way imaginable, which goes beyond gear and presets. We’ll also give you more exposure on Instagram – the top platform for visual content in the world. We can even show you how to automate your profile and put viral exposure on autopilot. 

Whether you’re 20, 30, or somewhere in-between, Bleachfilm was born for you.

Elevate your photography and step into the spotlight – finally. It’s about time, don’t you think? 

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Meet Caleb

I grew up with a lot of alone time when I was younger. This is what motivated me to begin photography and editing. I'll have to be honest: when I started poking with other peoples photos I enjoyed it much more than I did editing my own. Right now I'm attending college for Informatics and I enjoy Instagramming in my spare time (which is significantly less now-a-days). Weight loss has always been an issue for me- and something I've finally got down. If you feel the same then don't worry, just be patient, diligent, and spend a whole summer pushing toward your goal. You can do it! I don't mean to sound like Taylor Swift, but I am just a regular man pursuing the hobbies I enjoy. You can keep updated with my life by following BleachFilm and reading our captions!


Meet Emily (Ember)

I always had a camera in my hands when I was younger. My parents bought me a cheap digital one, a chunky old silver Nikon, and when they upgraded to a newer digital camera, they let me have their old one. Naturally, when I came across the photography trend on Instagram I was excited to join. At first it was little projects, like a cup on the counter or a leaf outside my house; then I started getting inspired. Photographers like brittneypanda inspired me to ask my friends if they could model for photos. Gradually, I improved. Until my parents decided it was time I get a real camera and I was so surprised! I absolutely love helping new photographers grow, as I know how difficult it is from personal experience. Joining BleachFilm was not a difficult decision for me. This year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark which greatly affected my account status, but now that I am home again and I have extra time to post again. I try to connect with my followers as much possible by answering comments and holding a conversation. I plan to attend college next fall but I am taking a break from school to find a job to pay for college. My advice to you is this: if you have ANY desire to study abroad, do it! It is a wonderful, amazing experience. Just research programs that will send you where you'd like to be!


Our story

 Photo Credit: Emily Ann

Photo Credit: Emily Ann

There was a time when I ran BleachFilm alone, but that did not last long! Ember and I met through a Facebook group called TIP (Teenage Instagram Photographers). She  needed a photo to be edited  and I offered to. I actually made her this edit pictured above!

We became friends. I genuinely enjoy how polite Ember always was and I offered her a position as co-host on BleachFilm.  Keep up with our individual lives by following to know our where-abouts, what we eat, and music tastes.


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