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Meet Caleb

As a photographer myself, I understand the struggle of creating a perfect shot, finding the right caption for your thought-out photo, and hours spent editing in PhotoShop. BleachFilm is known for longterm dedication to true artists like you. I grew up with a lot of alone time when I was younger. This is what motivated me to begin photography and editing. I'll have to be honest: when I started poking with other peoples photos I enjoyed it much more than I did editing my own. Right now I'm attending college for Informatics and I enjoy Instagramming in my spare time (which I have significantly less of now-a-days). Weight loss has always been an issue for me- and something I've finally got down. If you feel the same then don't worry, just be patient, diligent, and spend a whole summer pushing toward your goal. You can do it! I don't mean to sound like Taylor Swift, but I am just a regular man pursuing the hobbies I enjoy. You can keep updated with my life by following BleachFilm and reading our captions!


Meet Emily (Ember)

I always had a camera in my hands when I was younger. My parents bought me a cheap digital one, a chunky old silver Nikon, and when they upgraded to a newer digital camera, they let me have their old one. Naturally, when I came across the photography trend on Instagram I was excited to join. At first it was little projects, like a cup on the counter or a leaf outside my house; then I started getting inspired. Photographers like brittneypanda inspired me to ask my friends if they could model for photos. Gradually, I improved. Until my parents decided it was time I get a real camera and I was so surprised! I absolutely love helping new photographers grow, as I know how difficult it is from personal experience. Joining BleachFilm was not a difficult decision for me. This year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark which greatly affected my account status, but now that I am home again and I have extra time to post again. I try to connect with my followers as much possible by answering comments and holding a conversation. I plan to attend college next fall but I am taking a break from school to find a job to pay for college. My advice to you is this: if you have ANY desire to study abroad, do it! It is a wonderful, amazing experience. Just research programs that will send you where you'd like to be!


Our story

Photo Credit: Emily & Caleb

Photo Credit: Emily & Caleb

There was a time when I ran BleachFilm alone, but that did not last long! Ember and I met through a Facebook group called TIP (Teenage Instagram Photographers). She  needed a photo to be edited  and I offered to. I actually made her this edit pictured above!

We became friends. I genuinely enjoy how polite Ember always was and I offered her a position as co-host on BleachFilm.  Keep up with our individual lives by following to know our where-abouts, what we eat, and music tastes.


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