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Photographers all over the world have come to me for more publicity. You can join.

Uploaded by Israel Hernandez on 2016-11-01.

You need publicity.

Credit you receive for your work must go a long way and sometimes you don't even GET credited. This has always frustrated me since I began Instagram and is the reason I correctly attribute credit to each photographer. 

You need Growth.

Consistent increasing of likes on your photos will grow your account by the thousands. To get results, you have to be aggressive.

Bleachfilm speaks for itself. 

Upwards of 350,000 people all over the world follow our account and growing daily. We receive 10-20k likes per post. 



"I had been following Bleachfilm for inspiration for a long time so it was awesome to see my work on their account! Anytime a photo of mine has been featured I received a ton of new followers which equated to new clients. Love this account."


"I got more engagement from your service than I did any other feature site I used including instagood, ofhumans and silver seas. Also the ones I didn't pay for like myphotoshop dark daisies and any others that have featured my stuff"


"Bleachfilm is an incredible platform for artists/photographers or those seeking to spread their work and get it out there. Initially, they reposted a few of my works freely through hashtag linking.  My follower count went from 1,200 to 5,000 on their first post, this was back in 2015. I was excited to have my work introduced to a wider audience and provide inspiration. Later on this year (2016) I was going to do an advertisement via Instagram/Facebook but I changed my mind and went with bleachfilm promo package to boost my reach.  It worked out just as good as the first time and I went immediately to about 14k followers.  It must be noted however that if your work/art isn't what people want to see they won't follow whether it's free or paid, so always create from your heart because people can relate to it."

Comment whom asked to remain anonymous: 

"Bleachfilm is great at speedily responding to messages and offers competitive, affordable rates for features. If you want your work to gain exposure, a Bleachfilm promo is the place to go."

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