The greatest strap i've ever used.

The neck straps our favorite camera manufacturers provide just don't cut it. As a street photographer who spends hours of my day looking for the perfect moment to capture, I'm often reminded of the hefty weight I've slung around my neck by the overwhelming pain and discomfort I'm forced to endure. I've come to the realization that sometimes I don't look forward to shooting because it can just become such a painstaking task when I think about how the back of my neck is going to feel at the end of the day. This is not the mindset I want to be in. To have something I'm as passionate about as photography be tarnished by something I feel like I shouldn't even have to deal with in the first place, is not fun. Why cant we just enjoy the gear that lets us carry around our favorite cameras in the same way that we enjoy the cameras themselves? 

Hi, I'm Caleb.

I am a college student who has been sharing photos on Bleachfilm for the past six years of my life. Sharing three images a day to a global network of photographers is part of my everyday.

Last year, I went on a search to find a comfortable, fashionable, and durable camera strap. I found the Ultimate Photographers DSLR Camera Strap and my search was over. It is so comfortable, looks great in photography, and most importantly keeps your camera safe. I had to make this camera strap available to other photographers around the world who don't LOVE their camera strap.

Accented with a small metal camera pin along the outside, this tonal strap is subtly gorgeous and perfectly stylish, as it is sure to age impeccably well. 

Available for $14.95 on our website, Bleachfilm is dedicated to providing photographers with the most, as we include a free LED fairy string lights with every purchase. Plus, we will send you a personal note about your photography. Take a look yourself at all the incredible products we have to offer. 


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